Admission of candidates into Programmes of study for 2013/2014 academic year

Published: 26 Jun 2013

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons who wish to be considered for admission into Tamale Polytechnic for the 2013/2014 academic year

A.  Higher national diploma (HND) programmes

  1. HND Accountancy
  2. HND Secretaryship and Management Studies
  3. HND Marketing
  4. HND Mechanical Engineering (Plant, Production & Automobile options)
  5. HND Agricultural Engineering
  6. HND Building Technology
  7. HND Statistics
  8. HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management (HCIM)
  9. HND Industrial Arts (Leather Works, Ceramics, Painting & Decorating and Textiles options)
  10. HND Electricals/ Electronics Engineering
  11. HND Tourism
  12. HND Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


  1. HND Accountancy
  2. HND Marketing
  3. HND Secretaryship and Management Studies
  4. HND Information and Communication Technology 

General Entry Requirements for HND Programmes


a)    Applicants must have credit passes (A – D/A1 – C6) in three (3) core subjects including English Language and in addition to two (2) passes in the relevant elective subjects.

b)   The aggregate of the five (5) subjects should not exceed twenty (20) for SSSCE or thirty six (36) for WASSCE candidates.

c)    Departmental requirements are also considered.



a)      Applicants with GCE O-Level certificates must have at least four (4) passes including English Language and Mathematics and a Science subject, in addition to 2 passes in the GCE ‘A’ Level.

b)      Applicants with GCE A-Level certificates must have three (3) passes. A pass in the General Paper is an added advantage.


  1. iii.       DBS APPLICANTS

Applicants must have four (4) DBS passes in addition to passes in SSSCE/WASSCE English Language and Mathematics.


a)      Applicants with GBCE certificate must have passes in five (5) subjects (including English Language and Mathematics).  

b)      Applicants with ABCE certificate must pass in three (3) subjects.

  1. v.         ACCESS APPLICANTS

Applicants must pass five (5) courses including English Language, Mathematics, Science and the Craft courses.


Mature Applicants


Candidates must have three (3) passes in GCE O’ Level (including English Language and Mathematics) or 2 passes in GCE ‘A’ Level.


Applicants must have four (4) passes in SSSCE/WASSCE (including English Language and Mathematics).



Applicants with Stenographer certificate can only apply for Secretaryship and Management Studies.


Applicants with Technician certificate (Part I and Part II) must have passed all registered subjects.


Applicants must have a three (3) year Post Secondary Certificate or four (4) Year Certificate “A” with a minimum of three (3) years teaching experience.

  1. vi.             Other Certificates And Diploma Applicants

Certificates or Diplomas from recognized higher institutions are accepted, however, such institution must be accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB).


In addition to the above, mature applicants:

a)      are expected to show evidence of at least two (2) years working experience in the field of study;

b)      must  pass a written examination in the relevant subject area and an interview to be conducted by the Polytechnic;

c)      must attain the age of 25 years at the time of the application; and

d)      must provide a Birth Certificate at the interview.


B.         Non-Tertiary Professional programmes

(i)                 Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Accounting Option

(ii)               Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Secretarial Option.

(iii)             Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Management Option

(iv)             Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Marketing Option

(v)               Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Statistics Option

(vi)             Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Purchasing and Supply Option

General Entry Requirements for DBS Programs

  1. Four passes (4) in SSSCE/WASSCE (including English Language and Mathematics)
  1. Five (5) Ghana Commercial Certificate Examination (RSA II) passes (including English Language and Mathematics) NACVET/NVTI, Typist Certificate (for Secretarial Option).

C.         London Centre of Marketing (LCM) certificate programmes

  1. Sales and marketing management
  2. Human resource development and marketing
  3. Travel and tourism management
  4. Business management and marketing
  5. Public relations and marketing
  6. Entrepreneurship and marketing

The above programmes are available for Diploma, Higher Diploma, Professional Diploma, Graduate Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma levels.


General Entry Requirements For Lcm Programmes

Applicants who wish to pursue the programme at the Diploma level are required to possess four (4) SSSCE passes, including English and Mathematics, or four (4) passes in O’Level and A’Level. Matured applicants should be 25 years and above.

For the Higher Diploma level, a pass at the Diploma level or DBS or any other relevant professional business certificate is required.

For the Professional Diploma level, a pass at the Higher Diploma level or HND in the relevant field is required.

For the Graduate Diploma level, a pass at the Professional level or first degree in the relevant field or Diploma of a professional body is required.

For the Post-Graduate Diploma level, a pass at the Graduate diploma level or final level of other Marketing Professional programmes or Masters degree in a relevant field.

Note: Applicants with relevant work experience and qualifications may apply to the LCM directly for exemptions at various levels.


D. Association of business managers and administrators (abma) programmes – evening sessions

ABMA Education is an awarding organization based in the UK and recognized by National Accreditation Board (NAB), Ghana.  Over 60,000 ABMA examinations are conducted every year worldwide.

Applicants have the opportunity now to pursue ABMA programmes in Tamale Polytechnic in the following areas:

  1. Computing and information systems
  2. Community Development
  3. HIV/AIDS Management
  4. Journalism and Media Studies
  5. Leisure and Tourism Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Business Management

The ABMA programmes are available at level 4 Diploma, level 5 Diploma and level 6 Diploma.


Qualifications Required

  1. Level 4 Diploma

                                                              i.      SSSCE/WASSE                     -           Passes in English and Mathematics

                                                            ii.      GBCE                                     -           Passes in English and Mathematics

                                                          iii.      ABCE/A’ Level                      -           1 Pass

                                                          iv.      RSA II                                                -           3 Passes

                                                            v.      DBS                                        -           2 passes

                                                          vi.      NACVET/NVTI, Typist Cert

                                                        vii.      Holders cookery for the catering industry

                                                      viii.      Holders of Intermediate Fashion 

  1. Level 5 Diploma

                                                              i.      ABMA level 4

                                                            ii.      2 passes at A’ level/ABCE

                                                          iii.      4 GBCE passes

                                                          iv.      4 SSSCE/WASSE passes

                                                            v.      3 DBS passes.

  1. Level 6 Diploma

                                                              i.      ABMA Level 5

                                                            ii.      HND Certificate or international equivalent

  1. 4.     E.         Advance Programmes Available
  2. Advance craft - Cookery for the Catering Industry
  3. Advance Craft        - Fashion and Design             
  4. Advance Craft        - Painting and Decorating            
  5. Advance Craft        - Block-laying and Concreting
  6. Advance Craft        - Carpentry and Joinery    
  7. Advance Craft     - Welding and Fabrication
  8. Mechanical Engineering Technician Part I & II
  9. Motor Vehicle Technician Part I & II
  10. Electrical Engineering Technician Part I & Ii
  11. Radio, Tv & Electronics Part I & II
  12. Construction Technician Course Part    I & II
  13. Agricultural Engineering Technician Part   I & II


General Entry Requirements For Advance

(1)      CTC - 1

  • Five (4) SSSCE/WASSCE passes including English Language Mathematics and Technical Drawing.
  • Technicians Construction Option Subjects; Craft (B/C, C/J, P/D Plumbing) or Advanced (B/C and C/J)


(2)      MET - 1

  • Four (4) SSSCE/WASSCE passes including English language, Mathematics and Integrated Science.
  • Technical Option Subjects; Engineering Intermediate Craft, General Engineering (GE), Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice (MECP).


(3)      MVT – 1

  • Four (4) SSSCE passes including English, Mathematics and Integrated Science.
  • Technical Option Subjects, Motor Vehicle Mechanics works (MVM), Intermediate General Engineering (GE)



  • Four (4) SSSCE/WASSCE passes including English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science and any two of the following – Applied Electricity/Electronics, Physics, Mathematics.
  • Electrical Installation work course C.
  • Electrical Installation Work course B or Electrical Installation Craft practice.
  • Radio, Television and Electronics Mechanics


(5)      CTC II/MET II/ MVT II/ EET II/ RADIO TV & Electronics Part II

  • Applicants should be holders of CTC I/ MET I/ MVT I/ RADIO TV PART I


(6)    ADVANCE CATERING – 812/2: Holders of Cookery for the Catering Industry Craft

(7)  ADVANCE FASHION : Holders of Intermediate  Fashion

(8)  ADVANCE WELDING            :Holders of Intermediate Welding  


F.         Access course for technical/vocational institution graduates

The National Board for Professional and Technician Exams (NABPTEX) has designed an access course for Technical/Vocational Institute Graduates to get enrolled into HND Programs.  NABPTEX will conduct a final external examination after which successful applicants shall proceed to enroll in the HND PROGRAMMES.  Candidates would be required to obtain at least 50% in each of the three (3) subjects namely; English Language Mathematics and Science.


Available Programmes For Access Course

  • Pre-HND Agricultural Engineering
  • Pre-HND Mechanical Engineering
  • Pre-HND Building Technology
  • Pre-HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management
  • Pre-HND Industrial Arts
  • Pre-HND Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Note: Duration for the course is one (1) Academic year (i.e. two (2) semesters of 16 weeks per semester)


Entry Requirement

Applicants should possess a minimum qualification of Intermediate Craft Certificate or its equivalence in the relevant programs stated above.

NB:  Only Technical and Vocational school graduates are qualified to apply for the Access Course.


G. Intermediate craft courses available


  1. Radio, Television and Electronics Mechanics
  2. Cookery for the Catering industry Part 1
  3. Block-laying and Concreting, Craft
  4. Carpentry and Joinery, Craft
  5. Painting and Decorating, Craft
  6. Welding Craft Practice
  7. Mechanical Engineering  Craft Practice
  8. Motor Vehicle mechanics work
  9. Agricultural Mechanics work
  10. Electrical Installation work
  11. Intermediate Fashion


Entry Requirement

a)      Applicants with BECE results must have passes in English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science in addition to passes in three (3) other subjects with an aggregate of not more than 30.

b)      Applicants with SSSCE/WASSCE results must have passes in at least three subjects.


Cost of Application Forms

HND PROGRAMMES                                  -           GH¢ 90.00

ACCESS COURSE                                       -           GH¢ 80.00

DBS/ADVANCE APPLICANTS                 -           GH¢ 60.00

INTERMEDIATE/CRAFT                            -           GH¢ 40.00

LONDON CENTRE OF MARKETING      -           GH¢ 50.00

ABMA                                                                        -           GH¢ 50.00



  • E-vouchers should be purchased from branches of the HFC Bank.
  • Applicants should log into to complete the application form.
  • Completed application forms should be printed and submitted to:


The Registrar

Tamale Polytechnic

P.O Box 3 ER Tamale, NOT LATER THAN 30TH JULY, 2013.



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